I love a waist. 

“I love a waist!”, she gushed.

With joy, she blushed.

A waist she waited for with baited breath

Awaiting a bouquet trimmed with baby’s breath,

to bring forth a baby from this tiny nest.

Vive la jeunesse!

A waist defined between

Him & Her

Them & Us

Rich & Poor

(They aren’t us, believe it must)


Wasting away to make a waist

A waist that’s worthy

With worthy haste

And in good taste

To trod the pale ribbon to the sea.

(Let’s walk the plank, bay-bee!)


Jack and Jill

Buck n Doe

His and Hears

Queers and Steers

Darlings, Deers

Hen’s night

Stag Knight

I hart you…


A wasted space

Between thrill and taste

Why bother, darlings

When imperfectly we trace,

We love a waste!

Toward we raced, this new world order.

Pas de la tristesse!


A wasted mandala,

A waist as corporeal nirvana.

A symbolic waste of spiteful taste.

How gauche,

How base.

-An original #instapoem inspired by the wedding of Nell and Ted Wasserman in 2014 at Cap d’Antibes.


About ellepersephone

ellepersephone died of a drug overdose at the age of 27. she is survived by a feral cat.
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